Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Just random stuff

So here's some photos...

 This is my housemate Sarah.. I did a trial run of her Halloween make up on Sunday.. I used Manic Panic goth white foundation with a light dusting of Pure White eyeshadow.. For her face framing and eyes I used Posh Peacock eyeshadow done over with a light dusting of Jet Black eyeshadow.. All the shadows are by Rimmel We're trying to go for a look of Emily the corpse bride.. I'm making her a black rose head garland and we'll do her hair in a fancy bridal fashion..

I've started to use nail hardener because I'm sick of my dodgy blunt and slintered nails.. I'm using Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier.. This was taken on Day One after two coats... I'll take a photo next Wednesday and see how we're doing..

In the rest of my life.. Well, my job has been ok, though my feet have been killing me at the end of the day.. Waiting on a shipment of crin from Cyberlox Shop.. And I spent quite a few $$ on lots of pretty new panties.. When they arrive I'll be rating the sites I bought from.. I already got $10 off from because when I first tried, it wasnt letting me add anything to my cart and they emailed me a $10 voucher.. :P

Anywho.. I'm rambling..

"Living past my use-by-date"
Livi DedGrrl

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