Monday, 30 July 2012

FYeah Finery Challange Day 1

Day 1 ~

Take a picture of you in your most cherished item of clothing (never mind the date!)
Give a little info on it - including where you bought it and why it means something to you (eg. is it sentimental?)

So I've been asked to give this a go..

These are some of my favourite falls. They're red (yes they look orange but they're red) and black 50cm long Vixen Falls from Miss Needles on Ebay

I got these syringe hair clips from No Human Intentions on Ebay. The needle has been removed and the centre filled with UV reactive fluid. ^^ 

The surgical mask I made my self. I'll be adding a tutorial on how to make a basic surgical mask in my next post. 

'Living past my use-by-date'
Livi DedGrrl


  1. Oh HAI! xD i nominated you for the Liebster Award :3