Friday, 27 July 2012

My Imagination is my Happy Place

So I figure I should start a more intelligent post..

I love bright colours. I guess you could classify me as a Cyber Goth primarily. I love Steam punk, Victorian and horror. 

Being a bigger girl doesn't help much, sadly, as alot of online stores and retail stores don't cater for anyone over a size 18AU. So I make my own. Naturally, some have worked, some have gone horribly wrong. Its all about creativity and having the time to make stuff.

My tips for making you're own clothing:

You can find amazing things in op-shops, $2 shops and dress making stores.
Over the Halloween period, $2 shops bring out all the tacky bat jewelry, cheap skulls and general 'creepy' stuff. Now add a blank generic facinator, feathers, sparkle and hot glue from a store that sells millinery, i.e. Spotlight, just after the spring racing season, and there's completely unique hair piece that everyone will want for under $25.
You can find bargains in Op-Shops that will not only make your day (Dotti hand clutch with a gorgeous Japanese Koi and cherry tree blossom design for $1... OMG!), but chances are, no one will be able to replicate your outfit. Just rip off the bits you don't want, sew on stuff that makes it uniquely 'You' and that's all you need.
I love going into dressmaking stores like Spotlight. I always hit the remnants basket first. Usually, every few months or so, they make up packs with not only chucks of fabric, but bits of elastic, Velcro, buttons, ribbon, trim, rolls of thread that got pulled apart and can't be sold. And you can get some real gold in some of those packs. Alot are made up of left over material that just can't be used, but always have a dig through. Having a pile of material at home to play with is always a good thing. :) And go through the clearance materials when you've finished up with the remnants. I found the best pinstripe suiting material for $2 a metre. I still haven't used it, but I know when I feel like it, I've got enough to make a blazer, a bustle skirt, a waistcoat or a full length skirt.
Do your research. There are some places online that do cater for larger sizes, and there are some places that do the most amazing hand made product that doesn't cost the Earth. Also, go through some of the other pages on Google, not just the first. You'll find alot of little gem stores with unique pieces. 

Some of my favourites:

A is for Arsenic - This is Amelia Arsenic's, singer of Angelspit, online clothing store. I love love love her Taxiderima range. She also has prints, tote bags and jewelry. She's also done collaborations with Sugar Pill cosmetics. Check out her blog on A is for Arsenic. She does tutorials on her model looks.

Lovechild Boudoir - I love love love this store. They cater for larger size, right up to size 24UK. I have one of their Darkly Noon short bustle skirts. They're all pinstripe but they only use whatever pinstripe they can get their hands on. Chances are, yours will be unique! :) Its one of the most luxurious pieces I own, its comfortable and looks AMAZING! My sister has a pair of the Lady Apprentice Victorian Breeches. They look awesome and gorgeous. 

Killer Threads - Sally-Ann made me my first proper corset. She is awesome. I'm not sure if she's still doing the custom corsets but check with her via Facebook

And I cannot stress this enough. ETSY OVER EBAY!!! On Ebay, chances of you finding something that is amazing quality are usually slim. 90% of things are from China and are terribly mass produced. On occasion, you'll find an amazing store that you'll want to buy from more than once. I found Lovechild Boudoir on Ebay. 
Etsy is completely different to Ebay, where there are no 'auctions' and more often than not, pieces are unique and once they're gone, they're gone. Also, when listing products, you can't sell items that you're bought from some little shop and sell them in bulk. You have to make it, it has to vintage or it has to be a supply product i.e. bulk wool roven for making falls, or bulk buttons or make it yourself items. 
I usually live by this rule when shopping online, Ebay is for crappy products you don't intend to take care of. Etsy is forever costume pieces. 

Anyways, I hope you found this post helpful.

'Living past my use-by-date'
Livi DedGrrl <3

Next time, I'll be giving tutorials on how to make you're own costume pieces.

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