Friday, 7 September 2012

My hair takes.... aaaaages..

So I went to get my hair re-done today.. I was there for 3 hours.. A bit longer than usual but they were quite busy.. I thought I might share this process and experience with you, my small but awesome band of followers. :)

We begin with a 1/4 of foils in vivid red and a full hair colour in a plum purple black

Wash, blowdry and into the rollers (my hairdresser Emily has been 'super into rollers lately', her words. Don't look at the double chin!) 

And the finished product

Rightio. So its the second full week of using the Sally Hansen nail strength gel. I am seeing improved resilience in the nail about 3mm back from the tip so that's encouraging. But I spoke to my rep and she said that it would most likely take about 3 weeks before I saw anything really tangible. :)

I got creative with my hair yesterday before work. I've been doing the half ponytail (when you do a pony but on the last pull through the hair lackey you just take it halfway) and pining up the top half through the loop, for about two weeks now. I like the height it achieves without all the back combing etc involved. But I was playing with my fringe in the shower on Wednesday night and I had the urge so I made myself a quiff :) Covered it in hairspray at 8.30am and it was still perfect at 11.30pm after a walk home in the wind and being stuffed under a shower cap. Yes I am not ashamed of the fact that I wear a shower cap! :P Let's hear if for Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray and lacquer!
QUIFF!! In all its quiffy goodness...

And on my way to work this morning I saw that all the flowers in our little garden has started to bloom so I took a photo so it could brighten your day :) Because who doesn't like pretty little flowers? :)

There we go

"Living past my use-by-date"
Livi DedGrrl

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